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nike air max Urumqi is always winter snow flying .

Snow season can cause the most melancholy heart , do not want to make a beautiful instant ablation, was placed in the thermos of ice , covered with silk , hoping to keep the beauty of the snow , after several efforts eventually harvest bottle Zhuoshui .

In my memory seems inextricably associated with snowflakes .

Boy 's dream to break the ice at that moment to jump into the " flood pool" swimming shape, deep in thought , nike air max I felt as if his mind was clear but hazy direction . After returning home, the father beat the meal I admitted his "mistake" , but also lost a hazy longing .

The last year of primary school , I fell in love with a girl , when suddenly share Sentimental love comes, I do not even know what they are doing. It was a cold afternoon , the sky snowflakes long , she suddenly appeared in front of me , and handed to me a thing , then , blushing quickly ran away nike air max . I am at a loss of open fingers, Zou Baba saw a movie ticket . We watch a movie town almost all open-air , while I stomped , while searching for her figure in the not too dense crowd with his eyes until they finish at the end of the movie saw her figure , atop we did not say a word, I do not even know what to put in the movie , but in the hearts of teenagers has harvested a pure and sweet.

Later, she transferred to another school . I look forward to more of a psychological and watch .

A snowflakes day , she suddenly came back. I would like to hold her hand with her walking in the vast expanse of snow , but I'm not , just afraid she was angry , so I do not know , I took her with me or her , in short, we just a circle the non-stop walking on " creak , creak " ringing in the snow. Night after night , kept walking aimlessly , do not want to stop , just stop and become very cold , so we have this walk nike air max , walk ...... until after the New Year , opened the school , she was gone a .

Three years , whenever the snow when she 'll be back with us on the journey with no end of last year .

After that, nike air max I joined the army to army , whenever it snows I'll do everything possible to find a reason to leave home , because I know I always snows met her .

Slowly we are all grown up, snow memories after eight years in our fathers grew inexorably erased, we reluctantly bid farewell from far apart , only snow season from busy lives to put another dusty memories slowly opened . Facing upward blowing kisses in the face naughty dancing snowflakes , nike air max gently please send it to each other repressed wishes.

Snow left me countless romantic sweet memories, each a fluttering snowflakes are a beautiful legend , are some sad stories , stories of people only had to read , only to have had the experience of people who can hear the snowflakes talk.